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Sinks and Bathroom Basins

We have been making bathroom sinks and basins since 1980. Our work is high fire (2380 degrees F. or cone 10) porcelain- the hardest strongest architectural clay material you can buy. They are hand made and hand painted. Now we are making two basic styles. Our jiggered sinks are thrown into a form and have a right angle flange at the top that makes a perfect transition to a tile or 1/4" marble or granite, corion or hardwood deck. They are 16 1/2 inches wide and 8 plus inches deep with fairly straight sides. All our sinks use a standard CO plug as a drain  (watch out, recently many of the big sink and drain companies have come up with an insidious plan- they make it so the drains they make fit only their own brand of sinks.) We carry the drains in chrome and polished brass and can point you to other types as well. 
The other type of sinks are free form vessel type sinks made to mount on the top or above the deck. We call them "lotus"sinks. We pioneered the vessel sink while doing design work for a subsidiary of a major sink company and have in the past and will in the future do many different styles.
The straight sides on our jiggered sinks make it so the sinks do not splash even when the water is turned up. A small, but very welcome detail.
The sinks in this slide show are typical of our work
The price is $390.00 
They are available in any of our 50 patterns or dozen or so reduction glazes- the lead time on sinks not in stock is about 8 weeks.

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