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Lotus Bowls

Since we introduced these 10 years ago they have become one of our all time best sellers.
 Great for wedding presents, Christmas and housewarmings. They make a stunning hostess gift as well. Lead free,
great in the dishwasher and oven and chip resistant!!!
All Lotus bowls are handcrafted by us in our Studio in Folsom, California.  These assorted lotus bowl range in price from $16 - $70 
The sizes vary, but a #6 is around 12" wide and just under 5" deep
a # 8 around 11" by 4 1/2 deep
a# 12 a bit under 9-10# by 4"
a #  24  7" by 3"
and a # 48 5" by 2"
If you wish, ask when you call to order and we would be glad to measure for you.

These are typical of our lotus bowl selection