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Clouds ships UPS each business day. 

UPS rates, bubble wrap and boxes have increased many times since we last evaluated our shipping pricing. UPS has added a number of surcharges...for residential addresses, for semirural addresses, for fuel plus others that we have trouble calculating in advance. We don't plan on making money on shipping and try  only to break even on the UPS fees, boxes and bubble pack and labor to do the shipping.

Everything is insured and each shipment contains the instructions to follow in case of the rare breakage. In case of breakage, please follow the instructions and we will submit the claim. We will ship you a replacement as soon as we can and not wait for the UPS reimbursement. However we cannot guarantee that the item will be identical to the original as these are all one of a kind. We reserve the right to make a refund and not try to replace the original if we feel we can't make an adequate replacement.

If an order is rejected on non technical grounds (aesthetic) we will refund or replace the item, but not freight either way. If an order is rejected on the grounds that there is a serious technical problem we will cover the freight as well. The customer agrees that each piece is different and we are the ultimate judge if the piece has a serious technical flaw.

UPS charges the most for the first pound and the first mile. Small orders often will have a freight charge equal to the value of the item (for instance, a 1/4 pound spoon rest to rural New York (a $10 item) will have a UPS fee alone of $18.75. Not to mention the box, bubble and 10 or 15 minutes labor. 10 mugs to the same address ($180 value) will have a UPS fee of less than $30.00.

No sales tax on shipments out of California at this time.

As of July 2016 we are reevaluating shipping charges in light of skyrocketing UPS fees and box and bubble inflation. Call us for a quote. (800-472-4591)