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Clouds Pottery
Open Everyday 11- 5 | 608 1/2 Sutter St. Folsom, CA | 800-472-4591| Since 1977

DECEMBER 31, 2017

Hello Family & Friends,

On Wednesday, September 20th, we announced our closing to the public and after the shock of this announcement sunk in we started receiving well wishes. Many of you expressed your sadness and understanding about our closing through emails, social media and in person. Thank you for those kind and thoughtful words. We have gathered many old and new friends along the way and you will be sadly missed. Forty years is a great run and we thought long and hard before making this decision. Our hope is that our pottery will live on in your homes for many decades to come!

In the next three months, before closing, we know many of you will be purchasing gifts and adding pieces to your collections. Please call or come in to see if we have those pieces in stock. All special orders ended on October 14th. The last day we can ship your items is November 18th.

We will have a 10% off sale on all "in stock" pottery during Folsom's Historic Antique & Vintage Market on October 14th, Small Business Saturday on November 25th and the 49th Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair Day on December 2nd. So remember these dates for savings!

Some of our customers have ask what we will do with our leftover pottery. First of all, we want every pot to find a good home. Secondly, we have decided that whatever is left over will be boxed and saved for future street fairs and festivals if we choose to do them.....or maybe not! On that we are undecided. You may also discover some of our pieces which didn't sell at our seconds sale in thrift stores as we have donated them to some charities.
Lastly and most importantly, we look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the next months and again thank you all for shopping Clouds Pottery and making our business a success!!

Penny, Linda, Curt, Breanna, Aydan, Carrie, Mary, Paul, Karen & Jack  


  • Sept. 20 - Announcement of our closing our pottery business
  • Oct. 14  - Last day to place a special order
  • Oct. 14  - Historic Folsom Antique & Vintage Fair
  • Nov. 18  - Last day we can ship your items
  • Nov. 25  - Small Business Saturday
  • Dec. 2   - 49th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair
  • Dec. 31 - Last day open to the public
  • We recommend to whoever has a gift certificate to come in as soon as possible to use it as soon as possible.
  • Please forward this email to anyone you know who may not know we are going out of business. 


Pearl Blue Mug

Our Pearl Blue glazed mug makes you feel like you've been kissed by an ocean breeze! Each one is hand appliqued, Clouds 40th (front). The bottom is signed and dated, 1977-2017. Each piece includes a letter of authenticity.

Holds 14-18  ounces
Only 6 left!

G.F. Cloud, Founder 1977