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California Studio Pottery Since 1977
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What Our Customers Say:
June 2016
"I just received my crab casserole! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank you so much!"
Liz Van Vliet

May 2016
Just wanted to say "Thank You!" for my order. We just got home and I unpacked my iris dishware and it really brought a big smile especially after such a tough week for us. We were down to Loomis for my mother-in-law's memorial service last week.
I thought you went above and beyond in making an extra piece for all the various plates, bowls and made it difficult to choose! (In a good way.) And the staff at Clouds is always the most helpful.
Sincerely--Thank you!
Julia Huffman 

Shopping at Clouds is like finding just the right item to decorate
your home. I often enjoy spending hours in the store looking at each piece
to find the perfect item to accessorize my home.
Can't find the piece you want in the pattern you desire? No
problem, the helpful staff at Clouds will have a piece created just for you
at no additional charge over their standard price.
Clouds second sales are legendary and are a perfect time to pick up
pieces at a fraction of the standard price. These are great events for
bargain hunters!!!

When I have out of town visitors staying with me, I often take them
to Clouds. A purchase from Clouds' is the perfect souvenir to top off a
visit to the sunshine state. 
Tammy Mathews
All of your pottery has beautiful, unique designs and shapes that have a wonderful, smooth, feel. None of your pieces are heavy, each is well balanced. (I only use Cloud's mugs-threw out all the conventional ones) I have been a customer of yours for years. 
Wendy Gibbs


Shopping for gifts at Clouds is the best and easiest way to go! Why travel to a crowded shopping center when you have the best right here in Old Folsom!
I have shopped at Clouds since they first opened in 1970. I still own many of the pieces that I bought in the '70's. The Clouds Pottery I have bought for friends and relatives is scattered across the United States as well as Italy.
Clouds pottery is SPECIAL!!!
I am sincere when I say you are the best. You know that when I have gifts to buy your store is the first on my list. I am very glad that you are still here!
Your Friend, Toni


Any purchase from Clouds is a special and beautiful decorating item or useful item that can be given as a gift and enjoyed for many generations--especially the holiday creations. 
Beth Fox
Shop Clouds ~ Arrive by foot, cycle, rail, or car and shop for modern day treasures in an atmosphere of natural, historical, and artistic beauty. 
Tress Putnam Fair Oaks, CA

Just walking thru the door you are immediately
drawn by the magnificent colors and the great artistic
styles to choose from. Every time me and my husband go
we find so many new things.We started of just buying
gifts for family and now we have two bathrooms
decorated with clouds beautiful things. We love that
everything is one of a kind piece and signed like it
was made just for us.We love showing off our bathroom,
One is still in progress but thank you so much for
bringing us such wonderful pottery.Some times it takes
us several trips in the store to be able to pick
something out because I can't make up my mind,but
that's the best part because I don't want to miss a
thing,that's part of the fun just browsing thru all the
delightful surprises you have in store for everyone as
they walk thru the door! 
Judy Baer

As soon as you see and feel the porcelain, you won't
want just one piece, you'll want ten!!! 
Love from Ann Silverfoote

"There is" an important feature of your products: They are beautiful. They are a treasure to own and collect and use.
Owning the various pieces is so different an experience than any other collection I have. These handmade, unique pieces feel like they were made just for me. There are not millions of them massed produced and in various stores. Owning a piece of Clouds is owning a handcrafted gift directly from the maker. I have pieces that I use everyday and I have pieces that occupy a special display cabinet, used only occasionally but enjoyed everyday. They are warm and touchable and usable works of art. Homey. Beautiful colors and patterns. Endearing and endurable. They have been given and received for important and ordinary milestones in our family's life over the years. Clouds feels like a personal discovery (at the Gilroy Garlic Festival many years ago) and a treasured discovery that I share with my friends.
A trip to visit family in Sacramento often includes a special trip to Clouds where I am usually overwhelmed by the varieties and choices of my favorite patterns. I have to look at every piece in the store before making a decision.
There are more than one or two reasons that someone should shop at Clouds. These are just a few of the reasons that I'm glad that I found you and that I own pieces made just across the street from the store and made certainly just for me.
Barbara Berlant
San Jose, CA
It always makes me smile. I love looking at all the designs and my favorite things are from Clouds!
Jackie Tauzer

One of my reasons for finding Clouds so wonderful is that your products are unique and made right here in Folsom. When I give them as gifts people are always admire the great workmanship and artistry that each piece displays as well as appreciating the fact that Clouds pieces are made in the town where we live.
I love the convenience of getting to your shop. It is not in a mall or at the "Outlets."
MaryEtta Hamzawi

1) Each piece is unique and no one else has one like it!! 2) A family friendly company and atmosphere. 3) You always feel appreciated as a customer. Even if you are just window shopping.
4) Very knowledgeable staff. You really learn allot by asking questions. 5) I feel privileged to be able to have such nice pottery in my home that is very beautiful, practical, user friendly and dishwasher safe!! 6) You can't beat the value of the product here!! 7) By supporting Clouds, you are supporting free enterprise and small business---what our great country was founded on !!! 8) It is a very relaxing atmosphere to just wonder around and shop. 9) I have a great place to send all my friends. Sometimes we all come together. 10) I like having a place to send my family when they want a gift list from me, I know that whatever I receive from Clouds will be wonderful!! 11) Having nice family heirlooms to hand down to my children and grandchildren!!
Thanks for the fun!!
Sincerely-- Jeanne Johnson

A great reason to shop Clouds Porcelain: The staff is so accommodating. When we were there last February - I had a personal salesperson follow me and was so willing to find what I was looking for and was also willing to return things when I changed my mind from one pattern to another.
Another reason: They are so customer friendly. I was on the phone with them looking for the ideal gift for a going away gift for at least an hour - trying to find the correct pattern and pieces that coordinated. They were friendly and oh so patient.
I love Clouds Porcelain. Thanks, for being there when I need the perfect gift. 
Ann Arnold

Each time I look at the exqusite piece, or gently stroke it, I feel an "emotional high" knowing and appreciating the artisan who created it with his/her own hand, thus feeling a part of the complex process vicariously. I just love knowing I am fortunate to own such a special handmade product. "Gosh, 'product' or 'item' sounds so cold and impersonal...they represent feelings".  
Judy Yacovetti