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California Studio Pottery Since 1977
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Teapots are the quintessence of the potters art and the most gratifying of our material possessions (except for maybe cups, mugs and bowls)...We present the work of this last year.

Everything we do is different! With some veins of alikeness (is that a word?) in patterns and potters and painters styles. To make a teapot you first throw the body then throw a spout then throw a lid and then pull a handle and then trim the pot make a hole for then spout, attach the spout at a slight angle because the clay remembers the twist put on it on the wheels and will rotate back counterclockwise in the firing. You attach the handle, attach the spout, trim the lid, clean it, put it in the bisque and fire it to 1800 degrees unload the kiln, clean it again ,wax it , glaze it and then paint it, back in the kiln and fired for 24 hours, cool for 24 hours and unload it, pack it and bring it to the gallery. Then you price it, photograph it, put it up on the web and hope someone buys it. We charge a base of $48.00 for our teapots, the same as when we opened in 1977. I thought maybe we needed better pictures...I called up a photographer to inquire about taking some cool pictures-he quoted 200.00 to 400.00 each. Maybe I will just take some pictures and hope for the best.
     A homage  here to Mary Cargile, the talent behind the teapots. For nearly forty years she has been with us (and for 5 before that with G.F. at the Earthworks) and she is one of the most accomplished potters in the country who can combine the virtues of production pottery (read here that you can afford it and afford to use it) with studio and art pottery (read here that it lives in a case, you can't afford to use it and the spout probably does not pour well.)
..we have others similar we can describe on the telephone  If you want us to hold a pot- either because you will be into the gallery soon or because you are shopping at 3:00 am and want to put the cabosh on it till you call in the morning. Or email us at: