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California Studio Pottery Since 1977
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Our porcelain items for the bathroom are among our most popular. Each item is available in every pattern. Each is handmade and hand painted so each will be different! We make so many items in so many patterns that we may not have everything in stock. Call us at 800-472-4591 to check availability. If we do not have it in stock, we would be happy to make one for you.

Lotion/soap pumps are available in all patterns. Base price $22

Patterns shown above:  Hydrangea $24 (far left), Dog Rose $22 (middle left), Grape $22 (middle right), Gladiolus $22 (right).
 These are reduction fired lotion/soap and retail for $24. 

Glazes shown above:  Rutile green (left), Ratz blue (middle left), Black and blue (middle right), Mardi Gras (right).
 Our new style toothbrush holder (left) base price $24.  Our original style (right) base price $24

Shown above: Green on green glaze $28(left), Black and blue glaze $28 (right).

Our always popular, must have, are Sponge holders.  Base price is $20

Shown above:  English Garden $20 (left), Sunflower with green blush $22 (middle), 
Milky Way $22 (right)    
 Three styles of soap dishes:  Straight-sided (left), two piece (middle), and Victorian (right). Base price $20. Some patterns and reduction glazes are tier 2 which are $22.

Shown above: English Garden $20 (left), Hearts $20 (middle), Country French $20 (right).
 Our square box tissue holders. Base price $38. 

Shown above:  Cattail $38 (left) and Iris $38 (right)

Small tumblers are base price $16 and large are $18. We have a 3 tier pricing; adding $2 per tier.

Shown above: Tri-iris $18 (left), Green on green $16, Pansystem  $18 and Iris $18 (right)