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California Studio Pottery Since 1977
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About Us
For 40 years G.F. and Penny Cloud have been making a wide variety of porcelain pottery. They have gathered together some of the most talented ceramic artists in the country, and most importantly, they have given them the place, tools and support to do the work they love and grow and prosper as artists. We make a promise to our clients..and that is to be true to our inspiration and to bring the fruit of our labor to you at a fair price and to never compromise our environmental standards, ethical standards or to falsely represent what we do or can do
Our Location
608 1/2 Sutter St., Folsom, CA 95630

If you are wanting to purchase our items please call the store and we will be happy to help with your selection. You can reach us at 800-472-4591 or 916-985-3411 to order during business hours 11-5 everyday. Or you can reach us at

Who We are and What We Do

We are a Collaborative Pottery producing functional ware since 1977. Founded by G.F. and Penny Cloud and located in Folsom, California. Folsom is an old gold rush town located just East of Sacramento on the American River. Our store and studio are adjacent to the shore of Lake Natoma next to the State Powerhouse visitors center and down the street from the Folsom history museum.

We throw about 90% of our porcelain on a potter’s wheel. We cast about 10% in molds we have designed and made ourselves. We do site specific custom tile in both flat painted and gas-relief hand built designs. We work together on most projects and each person brings their strengths to a project -- thus we work in a wide variety of styles depending on who the lead artist is. We work in two distinct firing mediums. Oxidation high fire -- which yields the painted pottery. There are about 40 oxidation patterns developed over the last 40 years by Penny Cloud and for the past two decades, Linda Allison.

In December 2015 Paul McVicker rejoined our team of master porcelain potters, Mary Cargile and Karen Adler, who have been throwing our pottery for over 40 years.

The other firing style is known as high fire reduction. Mary is the lead artist on these. These pieces are done in a kiln that is smoked all the way through the firing. The glazes come out in a wide variety of ways- and what we give up in predictability is made up in spades by excitement. We are a family owned and run business. Because it is our kids and grandkids and friends who work here and we want to keep our clients happy and healthy, we use no Lead, Cadmium or Barium in our work and use no toxins in our studio.  


Penny Clouds & all the Clouds Staff



                        Mary Cargile                                                            Karen Adler                                                    Paul McVicke

Linda Allison has been painting with Penny for over two decades. She keeps the studio running, the kilns firing, the casting happening, and in her spare time she travels, hikes, kayaks and raises Gunnar her flat coat retriever.

Master Potter, Mary Cargile, has been throwing custom pieces for us for well over our 40 years. You can attribute our beautiful teapots, inlaid pieces, lotus bowls, pumpkins and jack-0-lanterns, appliqued tree & dragonfly mugs and steins to this spectacular lady!!

G.F. Cloud started the Earthworks in Sacramento in 1971 with 3 partners. It ran until a few years ago. He and Penny opened Clouds in Folsom in 1977. While raku (shown here) is not part of our "commercial" repetoire, it makes a great desert. Next year we hope to return to work after new years with new items and designs.

Penny Cloud sketching in Monets garden, Giverney, France.