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Reduction Patterns
A reduction firing is a 24 hour firing cycle where the kiln is smoked at critical points in the firing. The smoke is unburned fuel that is starved of oxygen and it goes to the oxygen in the minerals in the glazes to try to burn. Robbing the oxygen in say carbonates and oxides changes the minerals chemically, producing a "reduction" glaze. The reduction glaze technique is almost never found in commercial pottery, as the remarkable effects that are achieved are not often exactly repeatable. The end point of the firing is 2380 degrees F.

The following illustrations are good examples of glazes we use, but each piece and each firing are different.

Pearl blue glaze over slip-trailing Dragonflies

Rutile Green with iron trim Lotus bowl

Pete's Cranberry Lotus bowl

Rutile Green with iron trim, rectangular tray (unavailable) and Rutile/Laguna green chopstick rice bowls

Pete's Cranberry Lotus bowls (#48, 24, 16 & 12)


Mardi Gras Teapot 

Millring Red with Rutile brushwork.  Rectangular tray (unavailable), #48 Lotus bowl, chopstick rice bowl, small square plate (unavailable) and dipping bowl. 

Tenmoku with rutile brushwork steamer 3pc. (lid, pot and plate).

Tenmoku with brushstrokes

Millring Red with iron and slip trailing decorated #6 bowl 

Milky Way Jar 

Milky Way Teapot, slip decorated small creamer and sugar on a small platter 

Millring red with a rutile green top dip on a lidded jar

Millring red with rutile green top dip on a #4 vase